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Author Profile - Matt Russell


Matt Russell was born and raised in Southern California, where he obtained a English degree and teaching credential from Cal State Long Beach and where he presently resides with his wife and children.

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Age of Asango book I 3d Cover.jpeg

Age of Asango: Book 1

October 2018

It is an age of slavery, of ignorance, torture, and racism...

The vast Denigoth Empire has reached a time of relative peace. A conflict wages within its boarders nonetheless between the Nemesai, a religious order who brutally punish sin and enforce theocratic law, but a sixteen-year-old genius sorcerer named Cassian Asango dares to stand against them. He has become a symbol of defiance, denouncing religious persecution and pledging to end slavery. The church and the elite of the empire wish him dead, but he is clever, resourceful, and far more dangerous than anyone anticipates.

Age of Asango book II 3d Cover.jpeg

Age of Asango: Book 2

November 2018

Advanced Reader Copies of Book 2 are available now. Contact for details. 


Age of Asango: Book 3

June 2019

The trilogy ends with book 3, which will be available in June 2019. 

SUPER IMPATIENT READERS can bypass the normal "let's wait for it to be edited and polished!" system and follow along with my work-in-progress here.

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